At the Zubovo Village Club recreation center, people not only relax, but also celebrate weddings, birthdays, New Years and even corporate events. At your choice, we will hold the celebration in the banquet hall, on the meadow or even on the lake shore. We offer to create an atmosphere for a large and small company! We will help with the organization, decoration, idea of ​​a themed holiday or take all the preparations into our own hands.

What is included in the organization of the holiday:

  • an event organizer who will take on all issues related to the preparation of the holiday;
  • a menu from the chef, compiled taking into account your wishes;
  • festive decoration of the hall, gazebo or outdoor space;
  • service and catering;
  • host,
  • invited DJ or band with a live program,
  • professional photographer – if desired.

Wedding in the Moscow region in nature

If you are thinking about a beautiful wedding and want to hold it at our base, contact us. The wedding planner will come to the meeting, we will discuss the scenario together, clarify important details and start preparations. Please note: a serious celebration requires a thorough approach. It is better to start preparations 1-2 months before the event.

The wedding planner’s responsibilities include the complete organization of the celebration: developing a scenario, selecting decorations, supervising the work of chefs, florists, inviting artists, etc.

As a result, you get a “turnkey” celebration:

  • a celebration at a decorated site – a restaurant, a gazebo or a tent in a clearing;
  • an idea for a celebration in a classic style or a themed wedding (Hawaiian party, “Wild Wild West”, Scottish traditions, biker wedding, etc.);
  • accommodation of guests in forest cottages or hotel-sanatorium rooms;
  • photographer and videographer services;
  • an opportunity to have a unique photo shoot – on the lake shore, in the shade of trees, on horses, in the water.

At the recreation center, you are not limited in time, as is the case if you celebrate a wedding in the city. If you want, celebrate one evening, or if you want, enjoy the celebration for 3 days off. One wedding was celebrated with us for a week – the guests tried everything: they played paintball (the groom’s relatives won), and volleyball (the bride’s friends won here), and visited the sauna, and went boating. And the finale was a bright fireworks display for all the guests!

The wedding of your dreams

We know how and where to hold it!