Children’s animation

If you are going to take your child with you, you can be sure that he will like the base. For little fidgets, there is a special playground equipped here, where there are slides, trampolines, swings, walls and ladders. You don’t have to worry about safety: all the structures are distinguished by the absence of sharp corners and are made of reliable, durable materials.

There is children’s animation at the base. Experienced specialists not only watch the child and are ready to come to his aid if necessary, they also organize various competitions, hold children’s discos, play games with their charges.

And what a magical holiday you can arrange! Your child will be able to shake hands with the heroes of their favorite cartoons, talk to fairy-tale characters who will teach him to blow incredibly large soap bubbles. There are also such attributes of childhood as cotton candy and other treats.

A holiday at the base promises a colorful fireworks of emotions that will remain in your memory for a lifetime.